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Our work:

Small Parcel and partial loads from/to European Union ( Italy, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Sweden ) and refrigerated trucks.

Partial loads to South-Africa, South-Korea and Iran.

Estonian internal loads.

Small Parcel distribution in South-Estonia: Tartu - Põlva - Võru - Otepää - Kanepi - Tartu.

Storage of cargo in our stock in Tartu.

Estonia-Germany priority cargo now available with van!

Our trucks:

We provide tent semi-trailers for international loads ( internal dimensions 13,6x2, 45x2,7m ) and refrigerated semi-trailers ( internal dimensions 13,4x2, 45x2,6m )
carrying capacity of 24 000 kg.

Van dimensions 3,1m x 1,5m x 1,7m carrying capacity of 1500 kg